Korea Nu Hope Library


The Nu Hope Library Project

What It’s About

Every child has the right to read in a safe, welcoming environment. So, the Nu Hope Library Project is committed to making literacy a reality for children living in rural communities in South Korea. We partner with local literacy nonprofits to give children access to reading materials and the latest technologies—and the skills and knowledge needed to secure a bright future

How It Works

The Project has remodeled 24 children’s libraries and provided much-needed funds to purchase new books and has supported numerous literacy programs at new libraries in Chungbuk and Gyeongnam Uiryeoung Daeui provinces.

Who It Helps

Close to 6,700 low-income elementary school students benefit from the books, child-safe furniture, and state-of-the-art facilities conveniently located in their own communities. And it’s thanks to Nu Skin Korea sales leaders, who believe in the power of education all.

The 1st Nu Hope Library

Chungbuk Ogcheon Anne Elementary School
‘도서 정보실’

The 2nd Nu Hope Library

Chungbuk Goesan MoonGwang Elementary School

The 3rd Nu Hope Library

Jeonnam Haenam Oranjin Elementary School
‘어란진 드림’

Every child needs to feel a sense of safety and belonging. Migrating to a new country can be difficult and frightening, especially for a child. To help migrant mothers and children adapt more comfortably to their new homes in Korea, the Nu Skin Korea Force for Good Committee launched We Are All Mothers. We Are All Mothers supports ongoing multicultural parenting education to ease the transition to a new home and culture. Since the program started in 2016, a total of 211 families (about 840 people) have settled into their new communities smoothly. It’s thrilling to welcome so many families “home” to Korea.

Every child deserves to be well-fed. The Nu Skin Korea Force for Good Committee has already donated 958,000,000 KRW (827,000 USD) to the Meal Box Sharing Project, which is carried out by World Vision Korea. Since 2006, these generous donations have provided more than 365,000 meal boxes for hungry children. Plus, generous committee members regularly spend time packing meal boxes at welfare centers in Seongnam, Busan, Gwangju.

Seongnam Community Welfare Center of World Vision Korea

Busan YeoungJe Community Center of World Vision Korea

Busan YeoungJe Community Center of World Vision Korea

Every girl deserves her personal dignity. Girls in developing nations often lack the necessities to care for their monthly hygiene needs, which leads to school absences and can be humiliating for the girls. To increase girls’ ability to care for themselves, Nu Skin Korea partnered with Good Neighbors, a nonprofit organization in Korea. Together, they created the Twinkling Gift Box with Nu Skin project. Since 2017, the project has donated more than 6,000 gift boxes filled with sanitary pads and Nu Skin products to girls in need. Together, we’re preserving the dignity of thousands of precious girls.

The NSK and the NSK FFG Committee have supported EB Patients together. The NSK has held ‘the 16th EB Patients Family Meeting’ in Seoul to give the EB Patients families not only the latest EB medical information, but also recreation for the children who suffered from EB. The meeting held by the NSK is usually held in Seoul of Korea.

The NSK FFG committee has donated 153,000,000 KRW (136,000 USD) to the EB patient families for supporting their treatment and surgery since 2005. Also, the committee has donated 240,000,000 KRW (213,000 USD) to the Gangnam Severance Hospital for helping the doctor’s EB research since 2007.