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Nu School

Becoming a force for good
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What It’s About

The Nu School program began in 2004 with a focus on children’s education and now looks forward to improving their educational environment. This life-changing program has already funded 26 Nu Schools and will continue to foster to the aided schools and students with regular return visits. From Heilongjiang to Guizhou and Jiangsu to Shananxi, a powerful "Force for Good" runs north to south, bringing love east to west, and sparking hope for the future.

Nu School

Nu School–Zhejiang Province

Jiangjia Town,
Chunan Country,
Hangzhou City

Nu School–Jiangsu Province

Beijing Road,
Zhongxing Town, Siyang Country,
Suqian City
Built in 2008

Xinsong Nu School–Jiangxi Province

Yaoxu Town,
Yushui District,
Xinyu Country