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Ihsan Relief & Development—Syrian Refugees

What It’s About

Every child deserves to feel safe and welcome. The global refugee crisis has reached a breaking point. Millions of innocent families are suffering. Thankfully, Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has partnered with Ihsan Relief & Development to give desperately needed aid to Syrian refugees. The partnership focuses on providing education, shelter, hygiene, and new livelihoods, so refugees affected by war and religious persecution are empowered to move forward with dignity and hope.

How It Works

Through the Foundation donations, Ihsan has helped both Syrian refugees who have resettled in Europe, as well as internally displaced people still trapped in Syria. More than 6,800 refugee families throughout Europe enrolled in training sessions designed to assist them in learning important skills such as teamwork, positive competition, self-hygiene, and positive social interactions.

Who It Helps

Within Syria, and specifically in bomb-ravaged Armanaz, Ihsan has worked to rebuild damaged homes so families have a safe place to live. Ihsan has already helped 299,383 people get shelter and other necessary items, such as winter clothes, blankets, solar lights, sleeping mats, and heating fuel, for the cold winters.