The School of Agriculture for Family Independence, Educate the Children, Wells of Hope, SAFI Extension, Seeds of Hope

What It’s About

Every child deserves a bright, hopeful future. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. The majority of Malawians live on less than $1.25 USD a day. That’s why the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation supports on-going projects to educate and empower children in Malawi to be self-reliant and lift themselves out of poverty; thus, creating brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

How It Works

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has deep roots in Malawi. We have many on-going partnerships and efforts in this land of beautiful, hard-working people.

Who It Helps

The first graduation ceremony for SAFI students in May 2009 was a miraculous and much-deserved celebration. Graduates danced across the stage to receive their diplomas. Today, SAFI has educated more than 370 families, and SAFI Extension has educated more than 7,595 families whose combined student crop yields have increased by an average of 700 percent.

The beautiful Mtalimanja Village is home to the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI), a school focused on helping the people of Malawi learn farming techniques to provide for themselves and their families. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation built Mtalimanja Village in 2007 for SAFI families to come and receive education in sustainable farming, forest conservation, fish farming, animal husbandry, fertilizer, nutrition, and agribusiness. Husbands and wives attend classes together—promoting family unity—while the children go to school. They then return to their home villages to apply the newly acquired techniques and teach the principles to others. This spirit of passing forward prosperity is why the local Malawians named the SAFI village “Mtalimanja,” meaning “long hands that give.”

SAFI Extension, formerly known as Children’s Brighter Future, helps families learn the same groundbreaking agricultural principles that SAFI teaches right in their home villages. Trained government agriculture workers teach regional leaders SAFI curriculum, so these principles can reach more than just the SAFI campus families each year. Providing this knowledge at a grassroots level not only improves agricultural practices and economic prosperity but also provides schooling for local children and builds the community.

Educate the Children (ETC) provides scholarships to secondary and post-secondary school children of former SAFI and/or SAFI Extension families. Children receiving these scholarships engage in degrees from computer science to medicine to environmental health. The education they gain makes them role models both in their communities and to the rising generation in Malawi.

Water is a precious commodity in sub-Saharan Africa. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation provides qualifying SAFI and SAFI Extension families with water wells in their villages through Wells of Hope. They no longer have to walk many kilometers to get clean water for living, farming, and fruit trees. And through the Seeds of Hope initiative, they have a sustainable food source while participating in reforestation, beautifying, and improving the environment.