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What It’s About

All children deserve to grow up in a safe, healthy environment. In 1996, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation established a vital partnership with Seacology. The goal? To help protect fragile island environments for indigenous people. Seacology’s approach is unique. They create win-win conservation partnerships that help island communities build infrastructure now and preserve their marine habitats for generations to come. The community members carry out the projects themselves, giving them ownership in their local development and defending their natural surroundings. For more information on Seacology visit www.seacology.org

How It Works

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation continues its ongoing partnership with Seacology to improve the education and environment of young islanders. Many of the funds the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation donates to Seacology come from the sale of the Nu Skin Epoch line of skin and hair care products. In 2018, the Foundation co-funded post-cyclone renovations for a primary school, gymnasium, and community center in the rural villages of Fiji, Micronesia, The Philippines, and Madagascar. Each of these buildings enables residents to hold training and community-related events that help to provide multi-faceted education and vital information for those living in the area.

Who It Helps

Together, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and Seacology have helped protect 1.34 million acres of marine and terrestrial habitat across 60 countries throughout the world. A new generation of indigenous people is learning to care for the environment and carry on the unique cultures and traditions of their communities.