Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation
Recent Projects

Disaster Relief In Haiti

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Nu Skin family has demonstrated its force for good culture with an outpouring of support for those affected by the tragedy. To date, the company and its distributors are donating more than $1 million in cash and product to the Haiti relief efforts.

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and Nu Skin Japan issued initial grants to the Red Cross International Relief Fund to support the immediate relief efforts in Haiti. In addition, the foundation is working to identify a charity partner that will help in the support of long-term relief efforts specifically related to children's health or education projects. To date, more than $100,000 of Foundation funds have been earmarked for Haiti. Funds collected through the end of February will also focus on the Haiti relief efforts, so we can make a greater impact on the lives of the many children suffering in Haiti. Should you wish to make a cash contribution to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, please visit and specify "Haiti relief" in the comments.

For information on how Nourish the Children is helping in Haiti visit


China Children’s Heart Fund
China Children’s Heart Fund was created in late 2008 to address the more than 140,000 new cases of children suffering from congenital heart disease each year in China, as well as the 2 million children who are awaiting surgery. In just a few short months, the China Children’s Heart Fund was responsible for saving the lives of 35 children. In addition to the support of the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, the Nu Skin distributors in the Greater China region are vital contributors.

Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund
The Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund has combined Foundation grants with distributor efforts in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to fund corrective heart surgery for underprivileged children with congenital heart disease. Partnering with the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation in Thailand, Child Health in Life and Development Foundation in the Philippines, and IJN Foundation in Malaysia, 365 children successfully underwent heart surgery in 2008. The Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund saved one child a day in 2008.

Epidermolysis Bullosa
The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation continues its ongoing partnership with the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation (EBMRF). In 2008, donations from the Foundation helped EBMRF further its mission to find a cure for this devastating skin disease. The Foundation’s support has helped scientists as they tirelessly work with the FDA to meet the remaining requirements to begin human trials of highly-promising therapies. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation donates 25 cents from the sale of every Epoch Glacial Marine Mud to EBMRF. Over the past 12 years, the Foundation has gifted millions of dollars to EB research and continues its funding commitment with the hope of providing new skin to suffering children.

Air Foundation (Israel)*
In 2008, Nu Skin Israel funded the AIR Foundation, a program to improve the quality of life for children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. CF patients suffer a slow and gradual deterioration of the respiratory system that leads to respiratory failure and eventually death. Breathing treatment is available, but it is very time-consuming and expensive. Recognizing these problems, the Air Foundation purchased and gifted five mobile inhalation devices to children suffering from CF. These appliances are easy to use and have helped these children better enjoy their childhood while coping with the disease.

Fundanica (Venezuela)
In 2008, Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation supplied a comfortable home-away-from-home for 20 families with children fighting cancer while they visited the city for chemotherapy and other treatments.

Little Heroes (Russia)
Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation provided beds and purchased medical equipment for more than 200 children at Lyubertsy, Russia Baby Hospital in 2008.

Deseret International (Philippines)
The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation donated funds to the Deseret International Foundation to purchase equipment and supplies for eye surgeries for the people of Gurgon, India. In 2008, more than 1,000 eye surgeries were performed.

Hope Arising (Ethiopia)
In 2008, Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation helped establish pipelines to the rural area of Dera, Ethiopia, providing fresh water to more than 42,400 children.

Oulessebougou/Utah Alliance (Africa)
In 2008, five additional village drinking wells were constructed in Mali thanks to Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation donations.


The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation continues its ongoing partnership with Seacology to improve the education and environment of young islanders. In 2008, Foundation dollars helped Seacology build 80 new schools, community centers, and other critically needed facilities in island communities, blessing more than 450 children. In Nukubalavu Village, Fiji, Seacology built a kindergarten as part of an agreement for local residents to establish and protect a 25,600 acre marine reserve. In addition to building educational facilities, Seacology also provides the scholarship funds for underpriviledged children living in island communities. To date, 750 academic scholarships have been granted. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is the largest contributor to Seacology, with many of the funds generated from the sale of the Nu Skin Epoch line of skin and hair care products.

Nu Skin Hope Library (Korea)*
In 2008, children from three elementary schools in rural Korea were excited to find new libraries full of books, child-safe tables and chairs, a touch screen LCD TV, and iMAC computers for their use. All construction and remodeling costs were covered by the Nu Skin Korea’s local force for good efforts. In September, Nu Skin Korea was awarded an International Business Award for the best Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Asia for their Nu Skin Hope Libraries.

Bann Kho Lao School Boat (Thailand)
At Bann Kho Lao School, half of all students live on surrounding islands and travel to school in a government-funded boat. Unfortunately, when the boat is otherwise occupied, 40 students are forced to stay home from school. Seeing these difficulties, Nu Skin Thailand and the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation donated a boat to the school, complete with life vests for each student. Now, daily school attendance has increased significantly and the students are better able to obtain the education they desire and deserve.

Yogyakarta Schools’ Health & Environment Education Program (Indonesia)*
Nu Skin Indonesia employees and distributors created and funded an elementary education program that uses interactive learning, educational games, and multi-media to educate children on the importance of a clean environment. This two-month program was offered just one year after the Foundation rebuilt the school where these classes are offered. A major highlight for the students has been the hands-on educational opportunity to formulate creative stories about environmental issues and then write, narrate, and film their ideas.

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (Taiwan)*
The arts and humanities represent an important part of a child’s education, yet for children in rural Taiwan, attending a professional dance production is only a dream. Thanks to the force for good efforts of Taiwanese distributors and employees, approximately 3,000 students from remote areas of Taiwan were given the educational opportunity to attend Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and make their dream a reality. This cultural dance performance was the first the students had ever witnessed, and all costs were covered by Nu Skin Taiwan. The market’s local force for good outreach also enabled the professional dance group to visit and perform in 10 hospitals to comfort suffering patients.

RAH (United States)
Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation helped develop an educational and recreational after-school program for approximately 100 mentally-challenged youth in Utah.

Responsibility Inc. (Mexico)
Donations from the Force for Good Foundation helped furnish a school library used by more than 50 students in Tijuana with bookshelves, tables, and chairs.

Rising Star Outreach (India)
Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation helped fund the construction of a school library that serves 200 children belonging to 46 leprosy colonies in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Kids on the Move (United States)
Donations from the Force for Good Foundation helped build a new educational center to help more than 400 Utah children with disabilities receive early intervention resources each year.

Angel Guardian (Colombia)
Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation purchased school uniforms, supplies, books, computers, and other educational equipment for 50 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Children of Ethiopia Education Fund (Ethiopia)
Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation funded school tuition for 30 children, nicknamed the “Nu Skin girls,” from low-income families in Ethiopia.

Fostering Economic Opportunity

Mtalimanja Village (Africa)
After one year at Mtalimanja Village, 40 families are thriving on the fruit of their own labors. Their knowledge of farming, carpentry, and fishing has expanded, and they have become more self-sufficient. In 2008, the maize yields doubled and the corn is much taller than that grown in other villages. Meanwhile, the children in the village are attending school and preparing for their future – an opportunity that was previously unavailable because their families simply could not afford it. The one-of-a-kind village was built in partnership with local non-profit organizations and civic groups in 2006 with the goal of teaching families in Malawi to become economically independent and less vulnerable to drought. The families stay in the village for approximately two years. Once they master their new agricultural skills, they return to their respective villages and teach these principles to others, including children who can ensure that the ideals of self-sufficiency will last for generations.

Seeds of Hope (Africa)
The reforestation of Malawi is essential for protecting children and families from future drought and famine. In this subtropical climate, the oxygen and water condensation released to the atmosphere by trees is critical for rain. The Foundation’s Seeds of Hope project supports reforestation in Malawi with 25 cents from the sale of each Epoch Baobab Body Butter, and 25 cents purchases and plants one new tree. In just one year, the product sales of dedicated distributors and customers contributed funds to purchase more than 100,000 trees for villages in Malawi. Many seedlings are being planted at schools to help children learn the importance of trees as well as enjoy the benefits of shade and beauty.

Child @ Street 11 (Singapore)
Since 2005, Nu Skin Singapore and the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation have supported Child @ Street 11, an organization that provides quality education for children from low-income and at-risk families. Child @ Street 11 provides a full-day child care program, as well as before- and after-school care for 58 children. In 2008, the Foundation covered all costs for every student at the Center.

Second Harvest (Japan)*
With continuing support from Nu Skin Japan, Second Harvest purchased a new truck in 2008 and now has the capacity to deliver twice as much food. Second Harvest is Japan’s first food bank and it provides economic relief by distributing food to children at orphanages, single mothers and their children, as well as the elderly.

TOUCH (Ukraine)
In 2008, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation continued its relationship with Take One Ukrainian Child’s Hand (TOUCH) by donating funds to expand the outdoor playground at the Chaslivtski Orphanage, a refuge to 110 abandoned or orphaned children. The playground, which was completed in September, includes a basketball and handball court, as well as a soccer field.

Enterprise Mentors (Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru)
Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation provided 150 micro-enterprise loans to families in Central and South America in 2008.

Alliance for Youth Service (Peru)
Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation purchased building materials and hired local construction workers to re-build homes destroyed in August 2007 Peru earthquake.

American Indian Service (United States)
American Indian Services is a non-profit foundation, which funds college scholarships and educational programs for Native American students. Their mission is to assist Native Americans in developing their human and natural resources in order to help them make a contribution to society without detracting from the culture and background from which they have emerged. In December 2008, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation provided holiday gifts to 1,700 children from low-income families in 40 different Native American communities.

Disaster Relief

Sichuan Earthquake
On May 12, 2008, the earth watched in horror as China experienced the second deadliest earthquake in its history. With more than 69,000 fatalities and 374,000 wounded, there was immediate need for aid in provinces across China. Nu Skin distributors all over the world rose to the challenge and made personal donations of nearly US $800,000 to the Foundation to fund relief efforts. Donations from the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and related supporters helped more than 30,000 disaster-struck families in Anhui, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, and Shanxi provinces. Members of the Nu Skin China staff organized and attended many disaster-relief activities in the provinces, visiting disaster-struck families and distributing supplies. In appreciation for their generous efforts and overwhelming response, Nu Skin China received the 2008 China Charity Award for their contribution to the snow disaster and earthquake relief. Nu Skin Hong Kong was also presented a caring company logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to acknowledge their contributions. Funds will continue to be dispersed to disaster-struck children and families in the form of microloans and the Foundation will provide 1,800 loans in the next three years.

Southern China Snow Storm
Abnormally heavy snow, ice and cold temperatures quickly turned a winter wonderland in Southern China into a monumental disaster. Starting on January 25, 2008 and continuing into February, 14 provinces were seriously affected by what is now considered China’s worst winter weather in half a century. Thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged, agriculture was frozen and unusable, more than 100 people were killed, and millions others were left homeless and in desperate need. Members of the Nu Skin China team immediately offered their assistance in the crisis areas. More than 77,000 bags of Vitameal were donated by distributors and employees in the Greater China region, nourishing more than 2 million people with a hot, delicious meal. Nu Skin China received the 2008 China Charity Award for their contribution to the snow disaster and earthquake relief.

*To ensure seamless delivery of funds for these projects, contributions went directly from the respective markets of Nu Skin Enterprises to the nonprofit organizations.