Saving Lives

TW-Smile Story Lin

Lin, a Taiwanese boy, was born with Ventricular Septal Defect, also known as VCD. According to the American Heart Association’s website, VCD is a birth defect that impacts the proper formation of the heart. The malformation of the heart affects the blood flow to the two lower chambers of the heart and lungs, and ultimately, restricts the child’s rate of growth, breathing, and can potentially, cause permanent damage to the child’s lungs.


Lin, now age 3, was hospitalized at the time of his birth, due to the significance of his VCD condition. His working-class family had limited income and couldn’t afford the lifesaving procedures required to cure his condition.


Nu Skin Greater China Children Heart Fund (GCCHF) discovered Lin and his family’s situation and quickly stepped in to help. Nu Skin GCCHF donated the funds to Medicare Subsidy to facilitate the necessary funds that Lin’s family needed in an effort to pay for Lin’s heart surgery.


“My biggest wish is for Lin to live a happy everyday life, and I’m grateful to Nu Skin Greater China Children Heart Fund for their support in this difficult situation,” Lin’s mother stated.