Overcoming Obstacles To Gain An Education

Mercy Piarson ETC

Overcoming The Obstacles To Gain An Education 

When Mercy Piarson was in primary school, her father died and left her mother to provide and raise all five children. Mercy continued to go to school graduating from secondary education and applied for a Public Health degree program at Skyway University in 2012. A Samaritan promised to pay for her school fees but unfortunately during her first semester of school this man was unable to continue to pay for her education.


Discouraged and unable to pay for her studies, Mercy was about to drop out from college. She learned about a program called Educate the Children (ETC) and went to the ETC office to apply for the scholarship. Thanks to your generous donations, she received a scholarship and is a fourth-year student at Skyway University and will be graduating in two months. Mercy is a shining example to her family for being the first to graduate from secondary school and college.