SAFI Gives Hope to Malawian Families

SAFI Kids dancing

For Malawian families, diplomas from the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) are a symbol of achievement, mastery of skills and knowledge acquired for an improved chance of sustainable health and prosperity. In August, 32 couples and dozens of children joined together to celebrate their accomplishments and accept SAFI diplomas in Mtalimanja Village.

In the commencement ceremony, the seventh graduating class exuded smiles of pride with families dancing together in excitement. Parents acquired a newfound confidence in being self-reliant while children found hope for a life free of hunger. The completion of the twoyear
program marked the end of a familial learning experience and the beginning of a better future for children.

SAFI is funded by the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. The school began in 2007 and is now a thriving agricultural campus that teaches modern farming techniques. In less than a decade, more than 210 families have earned an education that enables them to harvest crops
year round– an anomaly in Malawi, the eighth poorest country in the world according to Global Finance magazine. To date, crop yields of students have increased as much as 700 percent.