Meet the Leonard family from SAFI

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Meet the Leonard Family from SAFI in Malawi


Selling charcoal to survive was becoming intolerable for 25-year-old Thokozani Leonard. To ensure he would never have to sell charcoal again, Thokozani and his wife Deniya, 22, chose to leave their village with their two children, Kennedy, 6 (not pictured) and Dora, 2, to attend the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI). 


Though farming has not been a successful way of life for the Leonard family, they are hoping that SAFI can train them so it becomes a way of life and gives them financial independence and security. The family hopes to produce harvests of maize, groundnuts and beans. They also hope to access loans for fertilizer and to acquire goats and chickens.


After graduating from SAFI, the Leonards plan to build a house for themselves and another house to rent out. They also aspire to send their children to school so they can earn college degrees.