A New Hope for the Patrick Family

Patrick Family - SAFI 3.16.16

A New Hope for the
Patrick Family

Meet Tsogolani and Stiveliya Patrick and their three kids; Kelvin, Innocent and Leniya (not pictured). They live in Manyinda Village in Dowa District and attended the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) last year. Before attending SAFI, the Patricks lacked knowledge on how to use their five acres of land to grow enough food to support their family.


Tsogolani and Stiveliya attended SAFI with the goal of learning new techniques to utilize their land. With their new skills, they returned to their land and were able to grow tobacco, soya beans, sweet potatos, Irish potatos, maize and groundnuts.


Because of the charitable donations to SAFI, the Patrick family will have enough food for their kids to eat and now have hope that they will be able to pay for their kids’ education. These SAFI donations are providing the Patrick family a brighter future.