Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation
Napoleon Dzombe - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Napoleon Dzombe

Nu Skin Enterprises recognized Napoleon Dzombe as its most recent recipient of the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award at its global convention on October 6, 2005.

Dzombe has worked the majority of his life helping provide the basic necessities of life for people in Malawi, Africa. Aside from his efforts to help nourish thousands of people, one of his greatest accomplishments was the opening of Blessings Hospital, a facility for people in a region of Malawi to receive medical attention.

Evidence of Dzombe's lifelong work to help the people of Malawi is shown by the following:

During the drought of 2001-2002, Napoleon Dzombe saved more than 20,000 lives Blessings Hospital has treated over 40,000 patients and supplies 56 other medical facilities in Malawi.

Over 35,000 farmers have received articles of clothing after following Napoleon's agriculture incentive program.

Through the Force for Good Foundation, Nu Skin has been able to help Dzombe in his efforts to improve the lives of the people, in particular the children, of Malawi. Recently, Dzombe made this request of the foundation:

"We have several projects going on at Blessings Complex. We have started an orphan village of which will accommodate 570 children when it's complete. As of today, we have 53 children and by the end of this year, over 100 children will be housed at Mtendere ("a place of peace") orphan village. We would like to construct some classrooms for these children..."

Nu Skin's Force for Good Foundation recently made a donation for classrooms to be constructed for the learning and development of the young orphans of Malawi. The foundation will continue to support Dzombe and other efforts like his to improve the lives of children throughout the world.