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To help children live a healthier more joyful life, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation partners with organizations throughout the world to provide surgeries, funding for medical research, health equipment, and more.

Nu Skin Taiwan Treats EB Patients To Macau Trip

When your skin is as fragile as butterfly wings and tears, blisters and scabs at the slightest touch, sight-seeing at a popular tourist attraction, or any outdoor excursion for that matter, is a risky proposition to your health. Nu Skin Taiwan employees and sales leaders were confident they could provide a tourist-like experience to patients who suffer from such a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) without posing a health risk – and they did.


Happy Birthday, Kade, from Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund

Chanida Limpanaporn, who is lovingly called “Kade” by her family, will be 12-years-old in October. While having a birthday every year is common for some families, the Limpanaporn family of Bangkok, Thailand doesn’t take the milestone for granted considering Kade nearly died in infancy.


Singapore Toddler Benefits From SEA Children's Heart Fund

Htet Htoo of Singapore was diagnosed with a heart condition when he was only seven days old. His family was deeply saddened by the news because the condition slowed his growth and development as compared with other children his age. In fact, at the age of 1-years-old he was still unable to crawl.


Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund Brings Smiles To Young Heart Patient

Dayangku Nur Rifqah Binti struggled for her life with a congenital heart defect that could only be corrected with surgery. Thanks to the Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, Dayangku’s struggle became easier from an open heart surgery in January 2014 that gave her a second chance. Now the toddler is among more than 5,850 children whose lives have been saved from corrective heart surgeries funded by Nu Skin Southeast Asia sales leaders who have committed to donating one percent of their monthly commissions to CHF.


The Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund Saves Haikal

Meet one of the children saved by the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund. Hikal was born with complex heart problems and was diagnosed with congenital heart disease at a very early age. His father who is 66 years-old works part-time at a clinic and was unable to pay for any treatment for his son. Thanks to generous donations to the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, Haikal was able to undergo treatment. Haikal’s doctors expect that he will be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Haikal is one of more than 4,500 children who have received lifesaving heart surgeries through the program.