Families Seeking Independence Through Education at SAFI

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Families Seeking Independence Through Education at SAFI

Thirty family’s lives are beginning to change forever. New families were welcomed to the The School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) at the Mtalimanja village in Malawi. After being chosen by the chief of their home villages to attend SAFI, families from all over the country gather to learn how to farm more efficiently. Each family leaves their village for one year to attend SAFI, after the first year they return to their homes to implement the skills they have learned and to share their knowledge with their village. While at SAFI, children have the opportunity to attend school while the parents are learning about nutrition and effective farming and fishing skills.  SAFI’s vision is to educate both parents and children, ensuring the ideals of self-sufficiency last for generations to come.


Meet five families seeking independence through education at SAFI:

Yeneya & Moreen Mangwana2

Yeneya and wife Moreen Mangwana


Mayeso is two years old. He and his parents, Yeneya and Moreen, came to SAFI hoping it would change their lives by increasing their knowledge and sharpening their farming skills. They are excited to implement the techniques they are learning at SAFI when they return home. They hope that by doing things differently on their 2.5-acre farm they will earn enough money to buy a car, helping their business grow further. Yeneya and Moreen encourage Mayeso to work hard in school so he can also learn to better his life. The Mangwanas are very grateful for the SAFI donors; they hope the donors will continue to help their family and others in Malawi.

Lodza & Anness Chapata

Lodza and wife Anness Chapata


Mayamiko and Catherine, ages six and three, came with their parents from the Dowa district to attend SAFI at Mtalimanja Village. The Chapata family is attending SAFI to learn how to become self-sufficient. Their goal is to have a good house with furniture for Mayamiko and Catherine. The Chapatas also hope to afford continued education for their children. They are looking forward to learning how to manage a mushroom farm and a fish hatchery when they return to their home. Their friends and village neighbors expect they will return from SAFI as expert farmers. They hope the SAFI donors continue to help the people of Malawi.

Evance & Matlda Banda

Evance and wife Matlda Banda


Michael’s parents have been looking forward to their time at SAFI. Michael is two years old and his parents are working hard to become self-sufficient. They encourage him to work hard in life and attend school when he is old enough. The Bandas hope through the knowledge gained at SAFI they will be able to produce enough to support their family. When they return home, the first thing they want to teach their family and friends is how to properly care for their crops. They are grateful for the SAFI donors and ask that they continue helping Malawian farmers. The Bandas know as more Malawian families attend SAFI, more resources will be available in Malawi.

Lawrence & Laika Kaponda

Lawrensce and wife Laika Kaponda


Eight-year-old Selina, five-year-old Precious, and two-year-old Jason, along with their parents, Lawrensce and Laika, have come to SAFI to learn modern farming and livestock skills. While their parents are learning ways to become self-sufficient, the children go to school. One of the main goals of the Kaponda family is to build their family farming business so the children have an opportunity to attend school when they return home. They can’t wait to get back to their home village of Khongoni and start implementing what they are learning at SAFI. Their village is also anxious to learn from the Kapondas. The Kapondas are very grateful for the donors that have made their dreams a reality. They are thankful for the opportunity to learn how to become independent

Lemiyasi & Aeletina Vereson

Lemiyasi and wife Aeletina Vereson


Lemiyasi and Aeletina have two children—their son Jacob, who is 11 years old, and their daughter Alinafe, who is nine years old. One of their goals during their SAFI experience is to work hard and learn how to improve their farm. Lemiyasi and Aeletina want to work especially hard so they can sell excess crops and use the money for other necessities. Another goal of the Vereson family is to provide enough money for Jacob and Alinafe to attend school. Education is important to the Veresons and they hope their children will have the opportunity to become more educated and, ultimately, be able to get good jobs. The first thing they want to do when they get back to their home village is teach their friends and family how to produce more from their farms. The Veresons wish the very best to the donors of the SAFI program and thank them for their willingness to help their family.



There are still 9 familes in need of scholarships that will fund their education, room, board, and farming supplies while attending SAFI. To provide a scholarship for $3,600 or to arrange for your scholarship payments to be paid in $300-per-month installments, please contact Jani Crawley at jcrawley@nuskin.com.