Economic Opportunity

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Economic Opportunity

Poverty can be crippling for children and their families’ ability to lead healthy, productive lives.  The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation supports numerous programs that offer sustainable methods for becoming economically independent. 

Seeds of Hope Helps Vulnerable Children

Planting fruit trees can connect people to the growing process of fruit but in countries like Malawi it is more about preventing devastating famines that adversely impact the country’s most vulnerable population – children. The Seeds of Hope project has provided the people of Malawi the ability to create sustainable food production while promoting reforestation that preserves and improves their environment.


Congratulations to our SAFI Graduates - 2014

Nu Skin congratulated the 2014 graduating class of the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) at a formal ceremony on August 8, in Malawi. Twenty-six husbands and wives received diplomas at the graduation that was attended by their families along with Nu Skin co-founder, Steve Lund, and many of Nu Skin’s top sales leaders for each of the company’s regions.


SAFI Changes Malawian Lives

Before attending SAFI, Ndevusayiti and Zeliya Chinjikani’s lives were often plagued with hunger. After graduating from SAFI, their farm has successfully grown and now they can even afford to raise pigs. Their relatives’ and neighbors’ lives have also improved because of the SAFI farming techniques the Chinjikani’s are sharing.


Families Seeking Independence Through Education at SAFI

Thirty family’s lives are beginning to change forever. New families were welcomed to the The School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) at the Mtalimanja village in Malawi. After being chosen by the chief of their home villages to attend SAFI, families from all over the country gather to learn how to farm more efficiently. SAFI’s vision is to educate both parents and children, ensuring the ideals of self-sufficiency last for generations to come.