Disaster Relief

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Disaster Relief

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation responds to disasters across the US and around the world in an effort to provide relief for those in need.

Nu Skin Responds to Philippines Typhon

To help with the immediate needs of those affected by this natural disaster, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation will be making a $50,000 donation to aid in relief. The Foundation is also taking online donations to be used in the long-term rebuilding efforts. Distributors can make an online donation by clicking here or on the donate button anywhere on the site. Nu Skin will be working with local partners to identify a project to help in the rebuilding efforts.


Nu Skin Responds To Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the devastation caused by hurricane weather on the East Coast of the United States and Caribbean, Nu Skin Enterprises announced today that it is supporting the relief efforts with an initial donation of more than $400,000 in cash and in-kind donations.


Nu Skin Supports Victims of the Worst Flooding Thailand’s Seen in 50 Years

With the Help of Distributors and Employees, Nu Skin Aids in Thailand Flood Relief Efforts. Nu Skin’s Force for Good culture is most apparent in times of disaster when hope is most needed.


Nu Skin Japan Children’s Hope Project Helps Children Affected by Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

Founded in 2011 by Nu Skin distributors and employees, the Nu Skin Children of Hope Project provides continuous, long-term support to children affected by the 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Japan.


Groundbreaking Donations Provide Relief for Japan

July 18, 2011—Participating in today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Nu Skin Innovation Center were Team Elite distributors who made the winning bid to be part of this historic event. A major source of funding for the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is through auctions and at this year’s annual Team Elite incentive trip in New York City four distributor teams pledged $25,000 for disaster relief efforts in Japan.


Nu Skin Family Meets Goal of Raising $1.2 million for Japan Disaster Relief Efforts (April 2011)

This message is to update you on the status of the Nu Skin’s efforts to provide relief to those in Japan suffering from the impact of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami, as well as the resulting radiation emanating from the Fukushima nuclear energy plant.


Nu Skin CEO Truman Hunt issues a challenge to donate 100 million Yen to Japan Disaster Relief (March 2011)

Since Nu Skin’s inception, our mission has been to be a force for good in the world.  Today we have an opportunity to step forward and truly make a difference in Japan. Last Friday we all watched with grave concern as the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami left incredible devastation in their wake. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected by this tragedy.


Nu Skin Responds to Haiti Earthquake (Feb. 2010)

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Nu Skin family has demonstrated its force for good culture with an outpouring of support for those affected by the tragedy. To date, the company and its distributors are donating more than $1 million in cash and product to the Haiti relief efforts.


Nu Skin Responds to China Yushu Earthquake (April 2010)

In response to the recent 7.1-magnitude earthquake in the Tibetan Yushu County of Qinghai Province, Nu Skin has donated more than $1 million in cash and in-kind donations to aid the rescue workers and survivors.


Force for Good Foundation Grant Rebuilds School in Haiti (May 2010)

Before the devastating earthquake in Haiti earlier this year, the 47 nuns and teachers at St. Francois de Sales Primary and Secondary School worked hard to give their 11,000 students an education, food and much needed healthcare.