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Foundation News

Creating Smiles Around the Globe with Force for Good Day

Nu Skin celebrated its 12th annual Force for Good Day in markets around the globe with employees and sales leaders volunteering for worthwhile service projects that benefited children of all ages, the disabled and the elderly.


Nu Skin CEO Visits Cardiovascular Ward In China

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. CEO and President Truman Hunt presented Yongting, 14, with a Teddy Bear during a visit at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, April 21. Yongtine suffers from congenital heart disease and is a recipient of Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund (GCCHF). 


Nu Skin Provides Relief Aid To Nepal

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation will be making a donation of US$50,000 to the International Red Cross to aid in the immediate relief efforts. In addition, sales leaders can assist by making an online contribution by clicking here.


Force For Good Foundation Receives Generous Donation

At the final home game of the 2014-2015 Utah Jazz season, on behalf of the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, Steve Lund and Ruth Todd accepted a generous $100,000.00 donation from Larry H. Miller Charities.


Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Helps Children See Clearly

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has partnered with CharityVision International Foundation to provide vision care and eye glasses to impoverished school children in Central and South America.


Seeds of Hope Helps Vulnerable Children

Planting fruit trees can connect people to the growing process of fruit but in countries like Malawi it is more about preventing devastating famines that adversely impact the country’s most vulnerable population – children. The Seeds of Hope project has provided the people of Malawi the ability to create sustainable food production while promoting reforestation that preserves and improves their environment.


Nu Skin Taiwan Treats EB Patients To Macau Trip

When your skin is as fragile as butterfly wings and tears, blisters and scabs at the slightest touch, sight-seeing at a popular tourist attraction, or any outdoor excursion for that matter, is a risky proposition to your health. Nu Skin Taiwan employees and sales leaders were confident they could provide a tourist-like experience to patients who suffer from such a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) without posing a health risk – and they did.


Milazi Family Graduates From SAFI, Improves Harvest Three-Fold

Moyenda and Masiye Milazi are recent graduates of the School for Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI), in the Mtalimanja Village of Malawi, Africa. The couple chose to participate in the two-year program to learn modern farming techniques and help their family improve their standard of living. 


ETC Helps Malawi Girl Pursue Her Dream of Becoming a Medical Doctor

Thresa Bikitoni is a recipient of an Educate the Children scholarship provided by Nu Skin. She comes from the Nkhuyu Village and attends the Kamphenga School.  She is studying agriculture, mathematics, physical science, history, English and Chichewa. 


Greater China Children's Heart Fund Gives Adopted Girl Second Chance At Life

Unconditional love extended beyond biological ties in the case of 4-year-old Roumin. Discarded by her birth parents for being a sickly baby, Roumin was adopted by the Lin family in the Fujian Province. Her new parents committed to get her medical treatment despite the costly expense. And although the Lin’s household income derived solely from fisherman’s wages, the family believed the illness was temporary and took what savings they had to travel to Shanghai to get treatment for the 1-year-old girl.