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Foundation News

Preterm Baby Beats the Odds With Lifesaving Surgery Funded by GCCHF

Meng Yao and her twin sister were preterm babies, weighing only 4.5 pounds, and were given a slim chance of survival by physicians. Meng Yao especially was not expected to live after being diagnosed with severe complex congenital heart disease. She suffered high fevers and cried in pain incessantly. 


Creating Smiles Around the Globe with Force for Good Day

Nu Skin celebrated its 12th annual Force for Good Day in markets around the globe with employees and sales leaders volunteering for worthwhile service projects that benefited children of all ages, the disabled and the elderly.


Nu Skin CEO Visits Cardiovascular Ward In China

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. CEO and President Truman Hunt presented Yongting, 14, with a Teddy Bear during a visit at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, April 21. Yongtine suffers from congenital heart disease and is a recipient of Nu Skin Greater China’s Children’s Heart Fund (GCCHF). 


Nu Skin Provides Relief Aid To Nepal

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation will be making a donation of US$50,000 to the International Red Cross to aid in the immediate relief efforts. In addition, sales leaders can assist by making an online contribution by clicking here.


Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Helps Children See Clearly

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has partnered with CharityVision International Foundation to provide vision care and eye glasses to impoverished school children in Central and South America.


Seeds of Hope Helps Vulnerable Children

Planting fruit trees can connect people to the growing process of fruit but in countries like Malawi it is more about preventing devastating famines that adversely impact the country’s most vulnerable population – children. The Seeds of Hope project has provided the people of Malawi the ability to create sustainable food production while promoting reforestation that preserves and improves their environment.