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Foundation News

Mercy Piarson Overcomes Obstacles To Gain An Education 

Mercy faced many challenges to gain an education. Thanks to generous donations to Educate the Childern, she recieved a scholarship and is the first in her family to graduate from secondary school and college. 


Nu Skin Korea donates more than 345,000 meal boxes in partnership with World Vision Korea

Nu Skin Korea Force for Good has been supporting World Vision Korea’s Meal Box Sharing Project since 2006. Every month, Nu Skin Korea Force for Good donates 6,000,000 KRW (US$5,105.00) that funds 2,000 meal boxes. More than 345,000 meal boxes have been donated in total from Nu Skin Korea Force for Good, which also allows employees to volunteer and pack the meal boxes that are delivered to the area’s most needy – young and old. 

Nu Skin Greater China Sponsors Storybook Competition

Nu Skin Greater China recently sponsored the 2016 Youth & Children Illustrated Storybook Competition 2016, co-organized by Dialogue Experience and Ohmykids. The theme of the competition was “Super Heroes.” The theme was chosen to inspire the contestants through a series of experiential activities to instill the belief that anyone is capable of being a super hero.  


SAFI Family Enjoys Learning New Farming Techniques

Learning modern farming techniques from the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) has given Sandifolo, 33, and his wife, Tereza, 28, a renewed sense of independence and confidence in their abilities to provide for their 5-year-old son, Yohane. The couple hails from the Dowa District of Malawi and believes they will be able to provide enough funding to send their son to college some day from implementing year-round, sustainable farming. 


Meet Mohamad of Malaysia

Mohamad Syariman Bin Hassan comes from a large family with seven siblings. He and his brothers and sisters stay in a wooden house with their parents in Malaysia. His father is the sole income provider for the family of nine so they live on a tight budget. The family doesn’t even have enough money to buy a vehicle to transport all of the children to school. 


Preterm Baby Beats the Odds With Lifesaving Surgery Funded by GCCHF

Meng Yao and her twin sister were preterm babies, weighing only 4.5 pounds, and were given a slim chance of survival by physicians. Meng Yao especially was not expected to live after being diagnosed with severe complex congenital heart disease. She suffered high fevers and cried in pain incessantly. 


Creating Smiles Around the Globe with Force for Good Day

Nu Skin celebrated its 12th annual Force for Good Day in markets around the globe with employees and sales leaders volunteering for worthwhile service projects that benefited children of all ages, the disabled and the elderly.